Importing Customers from Marykay Intouch

This help page is specifically for MaryKay consultants that want to import customers or consultants from MaryKay InTouch

Getting data from InTouch


In InTouch

  • Login to MaryKay InTouch
  • Go to “Business Tools” --> “myCustomers” --> “myCustomers” ( )
  • Click on “Customers”
  • Select the checkbox on the header line
  • Click on the “Export” button, a file named “Customers_YYYYMMDD.xls” where YYYYMMDD is today's date will be downloaded


In InTouch

Importing data to

  • Go to your PerkProgram in
  • Click on “import” new customers
  • Click on the “Choose file”, and select the file that was downloaded above and click on “Open”
  • Click on the “Import” button
  • If there are any conflicts (when updating customers/consultants) you will be given the option to Resolve Conflicts, click on the “Resolve Conflicts” link, then for each conflict, select the either original or imported record
  • Click “Save” to save the your selections